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Michael is the General Manager. He has been working for McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales since April of 2004 and will probably be here 30 years from now. He is a very hands-on manager that gets involved with every aspect of the dealership to make sure things run smoothly. His main duties are preparing and signing sales contracts with the customers, organizing the day to day operations of the lot, buying vehicles at auction, helping customers to choose the right vehicle for their needs, figuring payments, appraising trade-ins, handling insurance claims and just about anything else that needs to be done. If you have a need, this is the guy to ask. His main goal is great customer service combined with competence and professionalism. Michael is proud of the exceptional staff they have assembled at McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales and he is sure that you will agree....

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Jacob is our newest and youngest employee here at McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales. He started with McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales in 2013. Jacob is in the process of learning all aspects of the dealership. His main jobs at this time are to get the vehicles ready for sale and to help customers find the right vehicle for their needs. He is very good mechanically and he just loves everything to do with cars. If you ever want to talk cars, he's your guy. Jacob is very personable with the customers and seems to make them feel comfortable with the buying process. Whatever a customer needs help with, Jacob is happy to help. We are expecting a long long career here at McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales for Jacob...

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Walter is the old timer here at McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales. He was the first employee hired way back in December of 2003. Walter's main job is to make sure that the cars are ready for sale. He organizes getting the vehicles checked out, cleaned up and out on the front line for you to look at and buy. If you ever need something fixed or programmed, he is the man. He is very skilled in taking things apart and putting them back together. He is also bilingual so he works in sales with our Spanish customers as well as our English speaking customers. Walter is a huge Lakers, 49ers, and USC fan, which is confusing since he has never really lived in California.

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Yesenia was called in the day after Thanksgiving, on a temporary basis and we just can't seem to get rid of her. She has been working for McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales since 2004. She is our Office Manager, capable to assist our customers in just about anything.

Her primary objective involves sales of vehicles. She is involved in preparing and assisting with sales contracts. She assists in the acquisition and maintenance of insurance policies, she remains in contact with different insurance agents to monitor existing coverage for the benefit of our customers and the company. She is very involved in our collection department, enjoys assisting customer's accounts, coordinates and initiates insurance claims. If your vehicle ever gets impounded, this is your best friend. She will make sure to retrieve it pretty much immediately. Her biggest goal is to make the process of buying and financing your vehicle easy as possible and hopefully pleasurable....
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